Curriculum Vitae

ZHU, Kaidi



Sep 2009 - Jun 2013, Ningbo University of Technology

  • Bachelor in Computer Science and Technology degree (CST).
  • Founder and student coach of NBUT ACM/ICPC TEAM. And be the NBUT ACM/ICPC Contest examiner for three years.
  • The only developer and the first operations staff of NBUT Online Judge System.


  • Language: C/C++, PHP, JavaScript(Node.js & Browser JS), HTML, CSS, Markdown, Bash(base), ASP(base), C#(base), etc.
  • OS: Linux and Windows. (More like Linux)
  • Editor & IDE: Visual Studio, WebStorm, VIM, Sublime Text 2/3, Notepad++, etc.
  • Database: MySQL, MongoDB(base), M$ SQL(base).


Ningbo ONUOO Network Technology Co., Ltd

2011-03 ~ 2012-12

I am the developer of that company (remote work). The main work was to developer the card game based on FoxUC. I also took part in a project called New World which will be metioned below.

aquaMobile, Madrid, Spain

2011-07 ~ 2011-09

I had a three-month-internship in Spain. During that time, I was responsible for the new version of its official website.

Ningbo TrananX Network Technology Co., Ltd

2012-12 ~ 2013-07

I was the only technical staff in that company. So all of the developing work including systemg architecture and server are my work. It will be mentioned below.


  • The First Prize and 100, 000 CNY Bonus. The 1st Tarena “Catch Cup” Software Contest Final Round (NATIONAL).
  • Gold. The 8th Zhejiang Provincial Collegiate Programming Contest. (Teammate: HU, Jixiang; ZHANG, Cong)
  • The Second Class Prize. The 3rd “Blue Bridge” Software Contest C/C++ Group (NATIONAL).
  • The First Class Prize. The 3rd “Blue Bridge” Software Contest C/C++ Group (ZHEJIANG).
  • Silver. The 9th Zhejiang Provincial Collegiate Programming Contest. (Teammate: HU, Jixiang; ZHANG, Cong)
  • Silver. The 10th Zhejiang Provincial Collegiate Programming Contest. (Teammate: WU, Duanduan; SHEN, Zhiqi)
  • Bronze. 2010 Unitop Cup ACM-ICPC China Hangzhou Invitational Programming Contest. (Teamate: HU, Jixiang; YE, Jianjing)
  • Bronze. Google Cup 2011 ACM-ICPC China Shanghai Fudan Invitational Programming Contest. (Teammate: HU, Jixiang; BAO, Xianghong)
  • Bronze. The 7th Zhejiang Provincial Collegiate Programming Contest. (Teammate: YU, Zhulong; HU, Jixiang)
  • NBUT Top 10 College Students.



Ningbo University of Technology Online Judge System

This system is designed for the ACMers. It is known as “MOEest” UI so far in China. The website of this system is written in ThinkPHP framework and running in CentOS 6.3. The database is MySQL. And what’s more, the judge-end is written in C++ and running in Windows 7 which the computer is connected directly with the server via wires.

What’s more, it is this project that I won the first prize and 100, 000 CNY bonus in the Catch Cup.



New World (Game)

It’s a online game like a slot machine of Korea. The project is outsourced and I am responsible for the client rendering and logic. To be honest, the game is origin in single game, the engine is a wrapper for HGE (Haaf’s Game Engine). Though it’s not developing from zero, it also is a not small project.

By the way, this project is written in C++.

PS: Due to the conflict between developers and customers, this game is no longer operational.


This is a Groupon Website for cars. It’s my first work after graduated. I am the only developer of that company. So something like System Architecture, Develop (Frontend, backend), Server Configuration, Operation, Software Implementation are all be done by myself. The operation system of server is CentOS 6.3 and the server software is Tengine (An open-source server software by TAOBAO, modified from Nginx). The database is using MySQL and MongoDB, and the website is using ThinkPHP framework. PHP-CLI is used for the process of sending email and SMS queue. SevenzJS (An open-source NODE.JS framework by me) is used for the server of 4S Shop client and that client is written in C#.

PS: Aha, I said that I am the only developer. As a result, all of my superiors don’t know any IT knowledge. This project beyond their budget. I am fired after I finishing this project and this project is canceled.


It’s a works-show website of f-fine studio. Website written in PHP.



This project is finish during my time in Madrid, Spain. It’s the new version of company’s official website. Written in CodeIgniter framework. But it is still not in use after I come back to China.



Secret Garden

It’s an H Arkanoid game. The background image is a naked girl and the brick is theirs clothes. This game is write for a Japanese painter called 須原くるり. She wanted to enter some animation company in Japan, so she had to have some works. She paints, I program. Now she is in one animation company, so her personal show website is no longer available.

But you can see the video here. The girl said the developer is an India because my blog is, that is the suffix is .in.

And I have the game and code.

Remake Version of Paralines Zero

At first, Paralines Zero is an AVG Game that developed by Maoyumi Company. And due to my love for programming and AVG games, I decided to remake it. The origin game is written in Action Script and I remake it by XAE (A wrapper framework or engine of HGE by myself). The resources are cracked from the origin one. And I had asked the developer, they don’t care about it because it is free.

Download. By the way, the link is one of previous version. The final version is in my computer.


My 2011’s curriculum design. It’s a KTV system which include singing-end, demand-end, reception-desk-end and administrator-end. The database is M$ SQL and the singing-end and the demand-end is using HGE. ØMQ is used for the communication between singing-end and demand-end. Reception-desk-end and the administrator-end is written in C#.

You can view the source code @googlecode.

Hero Snake

Feel embarrassed, this game is to help my one ZJUT friend to participate in the contest of game programming. You can get the introduce at my blog.

Lian Lian Kan

It’s my first project by HGE. And you can download it in CSDN. An integral developer document is attached. To be proud, many people entry to HGE via my this project.

Zhao Cha

It’s my second project by HGE.

Some other games

I forgot.

Crowds of Other Little Tools and Code

Crowds of.



This project is mainly for the people who is going to develop him/her self Virtual Judge.

It gives you the unified API functions of each different Online Judges.

The APIs including login, submit, and fetch result.

You can get more infomation at github page.


It’s another API library for Virtual Judge developers, mainly to spider the problems’ information.

You can fork it at github.


It’s my early open-source project. Of cause it’s a Content Manager System. Mainly for my personal work of school website. Due to the server of my school is only support for ASP, so I written it in ASP.

Some third-part libraries are used called EasyIDE and EasyASP.

You can view this project at googlecode.

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